10 Simple Phrases that Cast Sunlight

by Jennifer Miller on October 12, 2016

in Leadership, Personal Effectiveness

hsunflower-cast-light-not-shadeLast week I wrote about how we are naturally drawn towards positive people because they inspire us. In nature, that’s called the “heliotropic effect,” which describes how plants grow or move towards sunlight. This week, I penned a similar piece, but this time from a leadership angle.

I bet you can easily think of managers to whom you were instantly drawn because they had a “magnetic” personality. Sadly, I bet you’ve got a list of “repellent” bosses as well. Being a “sunny” leader doesn’t necessarily mean you have to act in a bright, shiny way. If you are a naturally low-key leader you can still create a heliotropic effect with your team. Read my article on SmartBrief to learn ten simple phrases that draw people into positive emotional territory.

And feel free to add your favorite phrases (in the comments section below) that create positive workplace feelings. Offer up what you say, or something said to you.

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