Are Your Career Choices Courageous or Cautious?

by Jennifer Miller on October 7, 2012

in Weekend Reflections, Workplace Issues

kids jumping off dock into lake

I was talking career choices the other day with a colleague whom I’ve known for 22 years. He has worked for the same company for the past 25 years. My job history has been more fluid – the past 22 years have seen me in a combination of corporate gigs and self-employment.

My friend said to me, “It takes courage to make those changes, Jennifer.”



Each change has definitely required a leap of faith. And some of us are more “fling ourselves off the dock” type people, while others are more of a “let the adventuresome person go first” folks.


Reflection question: do you see your career changes as being courageous? How else would you describe the choices you’ve made as it relates to your career?


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