Creating the Perfect Resume – Word Choice Matters

by Jennifer Miller on July 28, 2014

in Human Resources

When you write a resume, word choice matters. This probably doesn’t surprise you, but maybe some of the words you’re not supposed to include will come as a surprise. The folks at ZipRecruiter shared this infographic with me. It highlights analysis they’ve done on over three million resumes and cover letters in their database. They’ve drawn their conclusions based on which cover letters and resumes are ranked by hiring managers as “five star” (the top rating) versus the “one star” rankings.

To me, the most interesting is the section titled, “Avoid These Words.” I would have thought words like “learning” and “develop” would have positive connotations. As with everything, context is important. It turns out that these words are rated less favorably by hiring managers who use  ZipRecruiter’s services. Evidently, these words give the impression that the applicant is still in “learning” mode or is more focused on building their career than on contributing to the company’s goals.

Many people who are hiring managers are readers of The People Equation. Tell me: do you agree with these findings? What words on a resume appeal to you?

perfect resume ZipRecruiter infographic

Disclosure: ZipRecruiting shared this infographic with me. I received no compensation for publishing this post and I was free to form my own opinions.

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