Escape from the Suburbs

by Jennifer Miller on August 5, 2012

in Weekend Reflections

It’s early one Sunday morning. While the rest of my suburbanite family members sleep, I quietly tippy-toe out of the house just as the sun is rising. It’s time for my daily walk.

My footsteps tap out a rhythmic beat as I pass one house, then the next . . . dodging the unexpected spurts of in-ground sprinkling systems that dare me to dance with them.

The sidewalk leads me to my favorite spot. An oasis.

My haven is surrounded on three sides by a highway, an apartment building complex and a suburban neighborhood.

But oh, that fourth side – it’s my escape. It is blessedly quiet. As I head down the paved path and into the woods, it beckons me:  come “be” for awhile; breathe my fresh air.

First, the tree I’ve dubbed “Serenity Tree” greets me.

the serenity tree greets me

Then, the wildflowers’ fragrant scent accompanies me on my journey.

sunrise through the wild flowers


Next, the path opens up. The bunnies have joined me.

rabbits along the path


And finally, I stop to admire the wild raspberries.

Wild raspberries
















For 45 minutes, I’ve escaped to a place that’s abundant with life and as untamed as my suburban life is well-groomed. I am rejuvenated.


Do you live in a highly populated area? If so, how do you rejuvenate yourself?




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