Feedback and Coaching – April 2013 Frontline Festival

by Jennifer Miller on April 19, 2013

in Blog Carnival, Leadership

Feedback and coaching – that’s the focus for the April “Front Line Festival” leadership blog carnival, hosted by Karin Hurt (aka @LetsGrowLeaders). Karin is a practicing leader for a Fortune 15 company and she writes the blog Let’s Grow Leaders. There are oh-so-many great posts to help you develop yourself and others as a leader. Karin has them categorized the submissions for easy reading:

  • Courageous Feedback
  • Encouraging Feedback
  • Coaching
  • How to Give Feedback
  • Recognition as Feedback
  • Personal Feedback (tha’t feedback you give to yourself)

Over twenty excellent posts on leadership and management topics to help you succeed as a leader. Go on over and check it out at Frontline Festival-April 2013:  Feedback and Coaching Edition.

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