Female Entrepreneurs Gaining Traction in Start-Up Success

by Jennifer Miller on March 18, 2013

in Business Management, Workplace Issues

Every so often I get sent a cool infographic like this one that features information on women who start tech companies. The stats that leap out at me are the ones in the section called “Challenges and Support”.

See how 80% of women said they had a mentor? This is good news.

But, only 45% said their mentor relationships were very helpful – we can do better than this.

When it comes to learning how to be a good mentor – and, how to get the most out of being a protégé – there is some skilled involved. The best mentoring relationships don’t just happen without effort. Here’s a link to the mentoring articles I’ve written over the past couple of years. If you desire to be a better mentor, or know of someone who wishes to be mentored, take a look. You’re sure to find some good information on the topic.
The Value of Women in Startups

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