How to Get Workplace Morale Right

by Jennifer Miller on June 13, 2014

in Leadership, Workplace Issues

Workplace Morale 1There’s plenty of media coverage about what organizations are doing wrong when it comes to workplace morale. Where are the stories of leaders and organizations who know how to get workplace morale and employee engagement right?

All this week, a group of editors, writers and leadership thinkers chose to focus on what is working, rather than what’s not working. Smartblog on Leadership and the Switch and Shift blog collaborated on a workplace morale series that sought to highlight companies and leaders who are doing the right things to create an engaged, productive workforce.

In all, 24 thought leaders offered up ideas for:

– Transforming morale through the power of positives

– Criteria to know if your employee engagement is on target

– How to bring your organization to life

– Secrets for building a culture of engagement that lasts

See the Smartblog on Leadership workplace morale series here and the Switch and Shift workplace morale series here to learn more.

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