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by Jennifer Miller on September 15, 2011

in Human Resources, Leadership

Here’s a quick update on some really notable Human Resources and Leadership conversations going on throughout our online communities this week.


First of all, Judy Lindenberger of The HR Locksmith hosts this week’s Carnival of HR with an interesting twist—she asked that all submissions address an HR topic using the number seven, as a nod to the month of September being the Roman word for ‘seven”. (Who knew?) Click here to see 18 great HR-themed posts using the number seven. Do Judy a favor and leave a comment on her blog—which use of the #7 was your favorite?

Next up: the always-current Sharlyn Lauby at The HR Bartender takes on a sensitive subject: what should a manager accused of retaliatory behavior do? Sharlyn’s been tracking the HR implications for lawsuits filed due to employees accusing supervisors of retribution. Now, she’s tapping leadership bloggers Wally Bock, Dan McCarthy and me to weigh in from a leadership perspective.

And finally, one woman talks about the difficult task of assisting grieving co-workers. On the week that had many Americans looking back 10 years, Lois Melbourne offers this reflection on how her personal story of grief is forever entwined with the grim anniversary of 9/11. See it at Women of HR.


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