Ideas for Creating Positive Workplace Morale

by Jennifer Miller on June 12, 2014

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Workplace MoraleWhat companies are “doing” workplace morale right? That’s the question up for discussion via a series on workplace morale, which is running on both the Switch and Shift blog and SmartBlog on Leadership. In the spirit of promoting what tactics work for organizations, ​this series highlights the ideas and companies that are creating positive morale and thereby nurturing amazing cultures that yield tremendous results.

My article, Lessons from an award-winning leader: 7 ways to improve workplace morale and employee engagement was selected for the series. The article features an interview I conducted with Bob Richards, Global Director of Operational Excellence for Kennametal. Bob’s team is truly global. His team members reside on five continents and 13 different languages are spoken across Kennametal’s 72 manufacturing facilities. It’s a challenge to communicate with, motivate, and lead such a diverse team to success; yet Bob does so with strength, humility, and a fantastic sense of humor.

During the interview process, I also reached out to Bob’s direct reports to learn what they had to say about workplace morale and employee engagement. It should come as no surprise that a strong leader grows more strong leaders. Here is what three of Bob’s team members had to say about creating positive workplace morale.

The importance of connecting with employees on a personal level

My philosophy is to use the Platinum Rule. The Golden Rule is to treat others as you want to be treated. But the Platinum Rule puts the focus on the employee—treat the employee as he or she wants to be treated. If we connect with employees personally, they are more likely to be happy and engaged.

Staci Miller
Global Director, Environmental Health and Safety

On the connection between workplace morale and employee engagement

Employee engagement is about involving every employee in the mission of the company and recognizing their contributions.  Excellent employee morale is the outcome of employee engagement done well.

Tim Frazier
K100 Operational Excellence Leader, Americas

Positive morale occurs when leaders make it easy for their team to be successful

A skilled leader creates positive workplace morale by making it easy for team members to be successful. How? He or she focuses on what people are good at, and then determines the best way to use team members’ skills.

Bill Kimbro
Global Director, ISCL K100 Operational Excellence

I have personally worked with all four of the people mentioned in this blog post. It’s an honor to be affiliated with such hardworking, talented and caring leaders.

Now, it’s your turn – what ideas do you have for creating positive workplace morale?


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