Leadership Decision-Making – Both Science and Art

by Jennifer Miller on July 24, 2014

in Leadership

Decision making quote Harvard

Making effective decisions is a vital leadership competency. There are many decision-making models that can help create a structure for determining an outcome. But just because you have a systematic model doesn’t mean you’ll choose the best outcome. You need the “art” of decisions as well: the human brain’s unique capacity to imagine, predict and learn from past experiences.

Making sound leadership choices is indeed the melding of science and art.

One element in the “art’ side of the equation is using good judgment in apportioning your time when making decisions. In my latest Smartblog on Leadership post, How to Make Better, Faster Leadership Decisions, I write about how leaders can determine if they are cultivating the right balance of deep thought and expedient decision-making. Go on over and check it out.


Footnote: When conducting research for my latest Smartblog on Leadership article, I discovered this excellent whitepaper by Harvard University’s Advanced Leadership Initiative.

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