One Simple Way for Leaders to Build Trust

by Jennifer Miller on April 30, 2015

in Communication, Leadership

two business people meetingWhat’s the single most effective way for a leader to build trust with his or her employees? It’s to show that you genuinely care about your employees’ career well-being. And one of the simplest ways to do this is to maintain consistent, non-distracted face-to-face (or video chat, or phone conversation) time with those you lead.

Now, notice I didn’t say it was the “easiest” thing to do. Finding time on your calendar (and making those appointments stick) is probably one of the most difficult things to do and that’s why managers often don’t make 1:1 meetings a priority. People value face time more than you might think. Nearly half of the people surveyed in a poll by Training Magazine and the Ken Blanchard companies said they wished they could meet with their boss on a weekly basis.

Weekly! Does that surprise you? I’m not surprised at all – feedback is the cornerstone of a good manager-employee relationship and 1:1 meetings can provide an avenue for two-directional communication.  The folks at TINY HR know that this connection between team leaders is vital so they asked me to write a post about it on their Employee Engagement & Company Culture blog.

Go on over and check out How to Have Effective 1:1 Meetings  — and please let me know — what’s your best tip for connecting with your employees?

This post is part of  The People Equation’s “Trust-Building Thursday” series. Each month, we’ll explore trust in the workplace and offer practical tips for building trust with your boss, colleagues, peers and team members. You can see other installments of the series here.

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