@Progressive Offers HR and Management Tips for Small Business Owners

by Jennifer Miller on August 23, 2016

in Business Management, Human Resources

What if Progressive Insurance’s Flo was your HR lady? Or your boss? This was fun to contemplate as I wrote a series of blog posts for Progressive’s newly revamped commercial insurance site. In addition to offering a variety of insurance programs for small businesses (who knew there was a specific type of dump truck insurance?) the site offers a series of informational articles for small business owners.

I was tapped to write articles about human resources, company culture and employee engagement.

Even if you’re not a small business owner, you’ll find some useful tips in these articles, so go on over and show them some love.

In 8 Things to Say to Employees That Will Make Their Day, I offer up eight phrases that leaders can use to build rapport with their staff.

Employee loyalty isn’t a given; leaders must intentionally focus on building loyalty with their team members every day. Here are four proven ways to inspire employee loyalty. Bonus: the only cost is a bit of your time.

Does your organization have a great company culture? Here are 10 signs to help you figure it out, with an assist from Chris Edmonds and Jessica Rohn of Great Place to Work®.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many small business owners. The HR element isn’t always front and center in an entrepreneur’s mind. I polled my community to find the most common HR mistakes that small business owners make. In this article you’ll get tips from HR pros Victorio Milian and Robin Schooling, plus advice from small business owner Lawrence Duthler, whose company Sun Title Agency has twice been named one of “West Michigan’s Best and Brightest to Work For.”

It’s an honor to write for well-known brands such as Progressive Insurance, and an even bigger honor to bring the information directly to you, the readers of The People Equation. Please let me know what you think about this new series of articles; I value your feedback!

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