Human Resources

An HR Christmas Carol

December 19, 2013

For my friends in Human Resources, a festive little holiday ditty, courtesy of Kakushin Webinars: Who says HR people don’t have good senses of humor?

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Writing for as HR Expert

September 12, 2013

HR This week marks the beginning of an exciting new phase in my writing career. I’m pleased to announce that I will be a columnist for in their Expert Articles forum. Each month, I’ll contribute articles in the Human Resources category, writing about topics such as: – Administrative Systems – Attire – Career and […]

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28 Ideas for a Leadership Individual Development Plan

September 4, 2013

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are the way that many companies formalize their employees’ professional development. Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog posed this question recently to his blogger community: “We all know that individual development plans (IDPs) need to be tailored for each leader. However – if you had to recommend ONE THING that every leader should […]

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Bring Your Baby to Work Day (Well, Actually All Year)

July 20, 2012

If you work in a call center, would you like to bring your baby to work? No, not drop him off at an onsite daycare, but have Junior sit right alongside you, for all to see and interact with? According to a post on the Today Moms site, a company in the United Kingdom did […]

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Drive Thru HR & The People Equation

May 3, 2012

Today I’m excited to be a guest on the popular blog talk radio show, Drive Thru HR, hosted by William Tincup and Bryan Wempen. Things are pretty free-flowing on their show, so it’s anybody’s guess where our conversation will take us. We’ll start talking HR and the “people equation”‘ but who knows where we’ll end […]

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6 Ways to Take the Dread Out of Writing Self-Appraisals

December 28, 2011

If your company conducts its performance appraisals on an annual calendar basis then the past month has likely had you knee-deep in the process. There’s an equally likely chance you are supposed to do a self-appraisal for your performance view as well. As a leader, do you dread this task because you’re so consumed with […]

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December 2011 Reading Round Up

December 8, 2011

Hello, readers! In addition to The People Equation, I write for a couple of other blogs. Several of those pieces published this past week, so here’s a rundown in case you want to peruse additional content related to human resources, leadership and being workplace savvy: December Leadership Development Carnival Becky Robinson, Director of Social Marketing […]

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A Leadership Fail for Black Friday

November 21, 2011

As I write this, it is four days prior to Black Friday, long considered the kick-off to the start of the retail industry’s crucial holiday shopping season.  Every year, Black Friday starts earlier. Now, Thanksgiving Day is the new Black Friday. Many retail chains have announced plans to open at some point on Thanksgiving Day […]

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Employee Recognition: Why the Lighter Side of Business has Serious Results

September 14, 2011

I believe that employee recognition is a vastly underused tool in a leader’s toolkit. Recognition need not be expensive, elaborate or time-consuming—but that’s how many leaders see it.  Therefore, I’ve teamed up with the recognition specialists at Baudville. They’ve agreed to pass along some great advice to the readers of The People Equation on how to […]

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Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management

August 25, 2011

True confessions time: even though I’m in the field of talent management, I’ve never been 100% clear on exactly what that term encompasses. Ironic, isn’t it? Some folks in the industry focus on recruiting and hiring practices, others on employee skill development. Now, there’s a book on the market that corrals all the various facets […]

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