Imperfect Boss series

Career Success: 4 Tips for Building Better Relationships with Your Boss, Team and Peers

May 19, 2014

Note from Jennifer: Last month, I interviewed Karin Hurt, author of Overcoming an Imperfect Boss: A Practical Guide to Building a Better Relationship With Your Boss. Karin had several great suggestions for people wishing to increase their career satisfaction and success. Here are four ideas that Karin shared on bettering the relationship you have with […]

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There is No Such Thing as an Ideal Leader

April 28, 2014

Looking back, I can now see it for what it was: there was some serious hero-worship going on. At the time, it didn’t really feel that way, because it was my boss. If you would have asked me before “the incident”, I would have said that I was doling out well-deserved respect to my work […]

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Tips for Dealing with an Imperfect Boss

April 14, 2014

It’s easy to toss off “nobody’s perfect” in response to someone’s shortcomings when the stakes are small. But, in an important relationship such as the one we have with our boss, we are far less likely to be so benevolent. In truth, nobody is “perfect” and this goes for those with leadership titles as well. […]

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