29 Essays on How to Develop Leaders

October 7, 2014

Mary Ila Ward of Horizon Point Consulting is the host of this month’s Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival, which was started by Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog, takes an occasional road trip. This month, it’s at Mary’s blog “The Point Blog.” Twenty nine leadership bloggers  contributed to the carnival with thoughts on: –  Managing the […]

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Your Leadership Style – Unique as Your Signature

August 25, 2014

How do others experience you as a leader? According to psychologist Kathryn Cramer, every leader has a “signature presence,” a set of leadership assets that are as unique as your handwritten signature. Just as your autograph telegraphs who you are, so, too, do the daily actions that comprise your leadership presence. Think about your signature […]

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How to Foster Creativity, Communication and Connection with Your Team

August 11, 2014

Would an executive at your company set up shop in the middle of the IT help desk, hang a gutted fish over his desk and declare, “The doctor is in?” In effect, that’s what Paul Bennett, chief creative officer at IDEO, has done, and he claims it’s helped him foster creativity in a way he […]

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Leadership by Ranting is No Way to Inspire People

June 30, 2014

It’s tough to respect a leader who’s always losing his cool. Case in point: during college, I worked in a family-owned Italian restaurant whose proprietor had a fiery, larger-than-life personality. When he was frustrated, ‘Tony” was prone to emotional outbursts. One day, I received this upbraiding for not setting up the salad bar correctly: “You […]

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Leadership Musicality – 3 Tips to Make Your Communication Hit the Right Notes

June 16, 2014

When my daughter started ukulele lessons, her instructor explained that music is composed of three things: “melody,” which is made up of notes along the scale, “harmony,” which is the chords, and “rhythm,” the beat of the music. In listening to this explanation, it was easy to draw parallels to how leaders communicate messages to […]

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HR Articles on Employee Choice and Tips for Newly Promoted Leaders

May 1, 2014

I wrote three articles this month for my HR Answers page; here’s a quick summary: The first article is based on fascinating research from Columbia professor Sheena Iyengar on the psychological aspects we face when making choices. I came across this information a few years ago when her book The Art of Choosing came out and […]

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Tips for Seeing What’s Working, Strong and Possible

April 10, 2014

I consider myself an optimist. Yet, all around me, there are exhortations to “problem solve” and “fix what’s not working.” Admittedly, it seeps into my psyche; I see what’s lacking more quickly than what’s working. Am I really the optimist I claim to be? That’s why I jumped at the chance to interview Dr. Kathryn […]

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Approachable Leadership — Be a Beacon Not an Island

March 13, 2014

As a leader, how do you let your team know you are available to them? Sure, you’ve probably said (more times than you can count) “I’m here if you need me.”  That’s a good start, but is there a way you could visually send that message? Mr. People Equation sent me a New York Times […]

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20 Articles via #remixHR – The Carnival of HR

January 29, 2014

This month’s Carnival of HR is offered up by Melissa Fairman of the HR reMix blog. Melissa is an “in-the-trenches” HR expert, meaning HR is her day job and blogging is what she does for fun. Melissa is hosting a great carnival with over 20 articles on topics such as: – Developing your employees – Employment law -Recruiting -Leadership -Team development […]

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How to Tend Your Company’s Cultural Garden

November 14, 2013

How much care is taken with your company’s values? Are they simply slogans on a banner in your lunchroom . . . or something deeply embedded in your organizational culture? And what happens when leaders make business decisions that fly in the face of those values? That’s what I write about in this month’s Smartblog […]

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