How I Work – The People Equation Edition

June 10, 2013

Sharlyn Lauby of the HR Bartender blog has challenged her colleagues to complete the following list of questions related to how I organize my work day. You can see the origins of the How I Work series on Sharlyn’s blog. This is an interesting exercise. Although I thought I’d breeze right through, it took me […]

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Developing Your Political Savvy – Positively

April 17, 2013

There’s a newly formed community of practice from ASTD called the Workforce Development Community. The community’s goal is is to help managers and trainers understand how to better develop and engage employees, and to show them why doing so creates a more productive workplace and improves employee retention. Ron Lippock, Senior Director for ASTD’s Communities […]

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Influence – Your Secret Weapon for Career Success

April 8, 2013

I get a lot of emails that read like this: I was wondering if you have any advice for me. . . At work, I feel like I have more to offer, but my skills are under-used.  In some ways, it seems like I’m “invisible”.  You know, I have these really great ideas, but no one seems […]

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How To Go Through an Organizational Change

October 8, 2012

Autumn has arrived in West Michigan and the leaves are changing. It’s a sort of in-between time for fall color – no longer the lush green of summer, but not quite the brilliant color blast we’ll expect in a few weeks. As I sat on my deck this past weekend, looking at one of our […]

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The KISS Model of Leadership Development

May 3, 2012

Has developing future leaders at your company become a complex web of activities? With formal processes like talent reviews, individual development plans, and high-potential candidate reviews, it’s no wonder that you feel swamped and put leadership development on the back burner. There is another way to develop leaders. I suggest that when you are overwhelmed […]

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Are You Loving and Living Your Work?

July 8, 2011

 Accept it. Love it. Live it.   I heard this at a presentation the other day (Matthew Downey of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy) and it’s really made an impression on me. Think about how this is relevant for the workplace:   Accept It. What things must you accept at work? What things must you […]

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Fun with Factoids Icebreaker

April 5, 2011

As a learning facilitator, I have a toolbox full of ice breakers, team builders and group facilitation techniques that have served me well over the years. Just the other day, I freshened up one of my favorite standbys called “Fun with Factoids” with the addition of audience voting technology. It worked so well that I […]

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Mess It Up

March 7, 2011

Do you love to read? Me too. This love manifests itself in the way I treat my books—with caution, being careful never to spill coffee on them or in any other way soil them. Sure, I use highlighters and in a pinch, I’ll dog-ear a page or two. But overall—my books are to be treasured […]

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Supervisory Influence and the DISC Model of Human Behavior

February 16, 2011

Early in my career as a corporate trainer, my work team leader introduced me to a self-assessment tool called the Personal Profile System (now in a revised version called the DiSC® Classic Profile). We used the DiSC profile as part of our company’s curriculum for newly hired supervisors. The DiSC section of the coursework always […]

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Do People Care About Leadership Development?

December 31, 2010

So, here we are, on the last day of the year. I was curious which blog post resonated most with The People Equation readers in 2010, so I checked it out.  A review of my WordPress stats revealed that the most-read post this year was 25 Free Leadership Development Resources. In fact, it was read […]

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