Multitasking and Its Effect on Productivity

August 16, 2012

Ever since I discovered research by Chabris and Simon on the ineffectiveness of multitasking, I’ve been like a dog with a bone on uncovering its harmful effects. According to the infographic The Perils of Multitasking by, there are numerous studies that have explored the detriments of trying to do more than one thing at […]

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4 Questions to Ask for Coping with Digital Stress

June 19, 2012

According to this infographic on digital stress and your brain, multi-tasking could be slowly killing you. “Not me,” you say with full confidence, “I’m a great multi-tasker.” No, you’re not. We humans suck at multitasking, but we mistakenly think we’re quite good at it. Take for example, the graphic called out in The Multitasking Lifestyle. You […]

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Great Leaders Don’t Multi-Task

October 1, 2010

We’ve all seen it before—the person driving down the highway, talking on the cell phone  and performing some form of personal grooming as well. It’s called “multi-tasking” and we think we’re pretty good at it. As it turns out, we stink at doing more than one thing at a time. According to researchers Christopher Chabris […]

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