Time Management

How to be Productive When You Work for Someone Else

April 25, 2016

What’s your favorite day of the work week? I bet you said “Friday,” right? Because it’s the day before the weekend starts. Fair enough. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. Why? Because I’ve implemented a time management process that helps me stay focused and get lots of work done. I’ll lay out the […]

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5 Reasons You’re Over-Thinking Your Leadership Decisions

June 1, 2015

How much time each week do you spend making decisions? Likely, many of the choices you make are almost automatic, requiring little thought: attend that meeting or not? Stay late to finish the report tonight, or come in early tomorrow? And then, there are more challenging choices, such as whether or not to terminate an […]

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5 Step Plan to Kick-Start Your Work Week

June 4, 2012

Dreading Mondays seems to be a favorite meme of office workers because for many people Monday symbolizes the end of the weekend (“fun”) and the beginning of work (“not so fun”). Our “down time” is enjoyable but most of us need to earn a living too. So when it’s time to get back to work, we need to […]

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Don’t Kill Productive Meetings by Dragging Them Out

January 20, 2012

My friend Sally works for a company that holds monthly small-group “open forum” type meetings for cross-sections of various company departments. The purpose of these meetings is to promote cross-departmental communication.  Each month, leaders from different functions in the company moderate the discussion. In general, Sally enjoys the meetings, except for one aspect: they are […]

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5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

January 20, 2011

We’re now three weeks into a new year. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? How’s it going? Research suggests that by this time into a new year, nearly 30% of people have already fallen off the Resolution Bandwagon. Whether it’s living more healthily, resolving to improve your education, or establishing quarterly business objectives, one thing […]

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Time Management and the Great DANE

November 30, 2010

During this time of year, people typically have more on their “To Do” lists because of holiday activities.  According to Mental Health America, 34% of people surveyed listed “having too much to do” as a major holiday stressor. When overwhelmed, I use a time management tool that I learned from the late Jennifer White of […]

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