The Cost of Waiting for the Right Time to Take Action

by Jennifer Miller on May 5, 2014

in Food for Thought Friday


don't wait for inspiration

As a writer, I can really relate to this E.B. White quote. White, author of the beloved children’s works Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, was also the co-author of the English language style guide, known as “Strunk and White.” Clearly, he got a fair amount of words on paper.

It’s not just writers who wait for ideal conditions to take action. People of all occupations often wait for the timing to be “right” in order to make career moves or a change in their lives.  Why the inertia—what holds us back from seizing the moment?

Maybe it’s perfectionism or fear. Maybe it’s wishing you had a better boss or a more interesting job. Maybe you’re simply waiting to be inspired , to see or hear something so compelling you think, why wouldn’t I take the leap?

I don’t know what your own unique situation is but I do know this: life is imperfect and messy. If you’re waiting for the best possible moment to start something new, maybe you’re waiting for the wrong thing. While you sit and wait on the sidelines, opportunity keeps passing you by.

What if you wait for that perfect moment and it never comes?

When you put “word to paper” you are starting something, giving voice to your thoughts and beliefs. Writing is a metaphor for one’s life: if you don’t put any words on the paper, how will you get started on the road to your next adventure?



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martin December 27, 2016 at 2:50 am

I lecture at machakos university college, Kenya and I also talk to community members in rural areas on development and self sustaining. Therefore sharing will enrich me with the right stuff.
Martin Kasina

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