The One Thing Your Leadership Success Depends On

by Jennifer Miller on June 6, 2016

in Leadership

christine porath quote

This quote comes from Christine Porath’s WorkHuman session called, “Civility: Do We Have Time to Be Nice at Work?” Christine is an associate professor of management at Georgetown University. She’s studied civility in the workplace for the past twenty years and has conducted some fascinating research regarding the ways people interact in the workplace.

Christine framed the quote in a leadership context, saying it’s imperative that leaders show the courtesy of the small gestures like smiling, showing concern and generally treating people with respect.

I thought this quote was so powerful. It raised many questions for me, such as:

  • Is this a quote that pertains only to leaders?
  • Is a leader’s job to get people to “give more?”
  • Does how you show up really “mean everything” to most people?
  • Is this the best measure of a leader’s success?

Please join in: What questions occur to you as you read this quote? How can this quote help you become a better leader – of yourself – and of others?

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