What Type of Angry Boss Are You?

by Jennifer Miller on September 24, 2011

in Leadership

My kid came home the other day and showed me some artwork that he drew while waiting for his classmates to finish their math tests. He drew a series of random dots, connected them and then created a cartoon out the resulting shape.

His first shape resembled an angry person screaming so he labeled it “Angry Boss”. Then he was on a roll because from there it progressed to all sorts of Angry Bosses: Loch Ness Monster, Aliens, Frog, Elvis Impersonator and so on.

Here’s what’s hilarious: even though he’s never had an actual job (he’s 11), he was dead-on in his description of how anger can morph a perfectly normal manager into something completely perplexing, dangerous or laughable.




Angry Boss – “Overall a good person, but sometimes gets mad.”




 Angry Alien Boss—“It’s hard to understand what he or she wants you to do.”








Angry Dinosaur Boss—“You’d Better do it right or they’ll become vicious.”








Angry Sock Puppet Boss – “It’s hard to take him or her seriously. I mean, it’s a sock.”








What would you add to the list? What type of Angry Boss is the bane of your existence? Who knows, maybe I can get my kid to draw them their very own cartoon.

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