Why Employees Hate Development Plans and How to Fix It

by Jennifer Miller on September 11, 2013

in Leadership

Even seemingly positive actions like helping employees grow professionally have their challenges. This is certainly true for organizations using the individual development (IDP) process. Via my various community platforms, I’m taking a deep dive into this topic. Here are some ways you can help ensure that IDPs you write are getting maximum bang for the buck.

This month, I explore Individual development plans in my contribution to SmartBlog on Leadership. IDPs in theory are well-intentioned, but sometimes the administration of them gets in the way. See more with 5 reasons employees hate individual development plans.

If you’re looking for a practical and economical (only $7.99) resource for developing leadership in your organization (including a section on creating an IDP), consider giving Dan McCarty’s book a look. Here’s my book review on The Great Leadership Development and Succession Planning eBook and here’s a link to the book’s description page.

Also on the Individual Development theme is my free-wheeling discussion with William Tincup and Nisha Raghavan on DriveThruHR. Listen to the replay here.


And, stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow that features IDPs and my exciting new writing venture.

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