Women of HR – Series on Annoying Little Lines

by Jennifer Miller on March 3, 2011

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There’s a really great blog series going on this week at the Women of HR blog. Editor in Chief Lisa Rosendahl asked her contributors to comment on the notion that there are “annoying little lines” (and we’re not talking crow’s feet!) that women face in the workplace. Lisa wants to know: are there different “lines” for men and women in the workplace? I’d call them “boundaries” or “norms” and I think that yes, there are some dual standards. My post for this series is called “Don’t Get Angry—Get Creative!”

So, go on over to Women of HR and check it out. Start with Lisa’s post, then proceed on to read posts by fellow contributors Deirdre Honner (“Slap”), Robin Schooling (“Being Single in a Married World”), Mike Van Dervort  (“Great Expectations Should Belong to You”) and Laura Schroeder (“Is There Really a Glass Ceiling?”).

We’d love to hear what you think about those annoying little lines. . .and how to erase them.

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