10 Stories of Leaders Who Created Opportunities for Others

by Jennifer Miller on August 15, 2013

in Blog Carnival, Leadership

open doorWho are the people who “helped you become a better self”? That’s the question Bill Treasurer, author of Leaders Open Doors, asks in his Leadership Opportunity Blog Fest, which recently published.

Even though I missed the chance to contribute to this blog fest due to my vacation, I still wanted to let you know about this great collection of ten essays about leaders who opened the door for others. Ever since I read Leaders Open Doors, I’ve been taken with Bill’s notion that leadership is about opening the doors of opportunity for others. As a self-proclaimed “professional opportunity cultivator”, I really dig this way of viewing leadership.

When I consider those who have opened doors for me, the thing that strikes me is this: the “opportunity” they offered wasn’t always something tangible. Sure, sometimes it was a job offer, or a promotion, but more often the key thing that my mentors offered me was belief in my abilities. They could often see a nascent trait that I had yet to realize was within me. When they said, “I trust you to do this” or “would you review this document and give me your opinion?” it built my confidence and helped me see myself in a new light.

Who are the people whom you can help become their best selves?  What can you do today to help someone believe in themselves so they can fully step into their abilities?


You can see my video review of Leaders Open Doors here.


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