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by Jennifer Miller on January 19, 2015

in Human Resources

Are you looking for emerging trends for the upcoming year from HR industry experts? I was doing some research for my HR Answers page and found these great articles. For those of you in HR, be on the lookout for these issues that will affect the way you do business. And business leaders – you aren’t exempt from this list. You will need to collaborate with your HR team to make the most of these opportunities and manage the challenges.

From the HR Trend Institute – 9 Emerging HR Trends for 2015. Written by Tom Haak, I thought the observation that succession planning should be “real time” was interesting. I also chuckled at his assertion that asking senior management for what they skills they need for successors is too little, too late. Hmmm . . .

Featured on Blogging 4 Jobs – HR Trends You Can’t Ignore. Talent Wise CEO Todd Owens summarizes the key HR trends he sees coming down the pike. I thought his commentary of hiring for cultural fit versus skill set was spot on: “You can teach skill – but you can’t teach culture. Just be sure to thoroughly assess your company’s culture and values before you attempt to recruit based on it.”

I can always count on Laurie Ruettimann for swimming upstream on trends. But Laurie is out there talking to the “feet on the street” and if she says it’s a trend, most likely it is. She’s usually way out ahead of the curve, so keep that in mind. Laurie predicts that offices with doors are coming back. Read her other forecasts at HR Trends for 2015: Retention of Key Employees.

Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender always has her finger on the pulse of HR’s technical aspects – and by “technical” I mean both “technology” and the nitty-gritty HR expertise to get the job done. Her post What Are #HR Analysts and Why Should You Pay Attention to Them takes a very detailed look at a highly specialized job in the HR field. To get to the trends in this post, scroll to the bottom and read the section titled, “What do you see as the top issue facing human resources in 2015?”

Jean Martin, who is executive director of the membership-based advisory firm CEB, has some great insights gleaned from her organization’s research in. Her post 5 Critical Priorities HR Can’t Afford to Ignore on the TLNT site highlights a well-intentioned but  misguided leadership development process: mistaking a “high performing” for a “high potential” employee. The two are not always synonymous. Check out her post to learn more.


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