Is a Global CEO’s Grueling Travel Schedule Necessary?

by Jennifer Miller on November 20, 2014

in Leadership, Workplace Issues

executive travel luggage

Is a burned-out CEO the New Normal of the globally connected world? That seems to be the premise of a recent article I read titled, “Death on a Moscow Runway: The Modern, Homeless CEO.” (How’s that for grim imagery?) I take issue with the idea that CEO’s must be this super-human person that “has” to constantly travel all over the world, to the detriment of their health and their personal life.

So I wrote an opinion piece in response to the article and published it on The Huffington Post blog. You can read the full article, titled: Are CEO’s Too Burned Out to Think? on the Huffington Post blog.

For those of you with CEO’s who travel extensively, what do you think? Are CEO’s trying to achieve unrealistic expectations?

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