Leadership Advice – Highlights from 2012

by Jennifer Miller on December 28, 2012

in Leadership

“How to be a better leader” – people crave this information. I feel fortunate to have multiple platforms in which to share my leadership development experiences here on The People Equation and elsewhere like the Lead Change Group and SmartBlogs on Leadership.



These are leadership insights that resonated with readers in 2012:


1. When you start a new leadership role, you need an action plan for the first 100 days.


2. Opportunities for leadership development are everywhere; you just need to know where to look.


3. As a leader, expect the unexpected. Even a five-year-old can throw you for a loop.


4. Jargon makes leaders sound stupid.


5. Spread positive social contagion. Your teams’ success depends on it.


6. Your personal integrity does not guarantee that people will see you as trustworthy.


7. There are innumerable ways to be a better boss. Start with these 26 ideas.


8. A wise mentor can help a leader realign her moral compass in a non-threatening way.


9. The ultimate reward of leadership is the affirmation that you made a difference in peoples’ lives.


10. Don’t be blasé about department changes. It’s probably a bigger deal than you think.

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