26 Ways to Be a Better Boss

by Jennifer Miller on September 10, 2012

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Quote Never Waste a Good Opportunity to Learn from a Bad Boss

I asked people, “What makes a bad boss?”         

Roy Atkinson came up with this gem:

A bad boss is terrific to learn from: do the opposite of everything they do and you will do well.

 Here are 26 “bad boss” behaviors – flipped and turned into positive qualities.

A good boss:

  1. Respects me as an individual
  2. Clearly tells me what is expected of me
  3. Allows me to make decisions
  4. Takes action when there is a roadblock preventing me from doing my job
  5. Has integrity and character that guides his/her decision making
  6. Delegates and then lets me do my job
  7. Is about the “we”, not the “me”
  8. Does not treat me like I’m inferior
  9. Avoids micromanaging
  10. Has the backbone to stand up for his/her team
  11. Leads by example
  12. Listens
  13. Is self-aware
  14. Has the courage to do the right thing by his/her people
  15. Has let go of “command and control” type management
  16. Is consistent – does what they say they will do
  17. Has your back
  18. Gives you the tools you need to do your job
  19. Matches his/her behavior to the individual’s needs
  20. Avoids gossip
  21. Is resolute
  22. Avoids jealousy
  23. Rarely, if ever, shows anger
  24. Is secure
  25. Communicates
  26. Is happy

How many of these qualities have you demonstrated this week? Have you inadvertently slipped and done the opposite? Hey, relax, you’re human. As Mike Henry said when he replied to my “bad boss” question – “Disclaimer – I’ve done many of these [bad boss] suggestions myself, if anyone’s counting.”

We all have.

That’s why it’s good to do an intentional check-in every so often.


Question – what would you add to the “good boss” list?


My thanks to those who offered their input on my Facebook page, Twitter feed and here on The People Equation.                                                                                                          

I appreciate you!

In alphabetical order, by first name:

Barbara Giamanco @BarbaraGiamanco

Bev Davis @BevsCornbread

Frances Ferguson

Guy Farmer @guyfarmer

Jane Perdue @thehrgoddess

Mike Henry @MikeHenrySr

Nabomita @nabomita_smiles

Paul McConaughy @minutrition

Prasad Reddy

Roy Atkinson @RoyAtkinson

Russ Knight @Dangerruss70

Suzie @aceconcierge

Wayne McEvilly @Waynemcvilly

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Fern December 29, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Learning the hard way does have its advantages…there are a lot qualities in the list that are hinged on the security level of an individual. They are professional skills that a characteristic of a manager that understands the difference between leadership and management and knowledge of when to use the different skills sets.

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