Leadership Courage – When Not to Fire Someone

by Jennifer Miller on May 15, 2014

in Leadership

your are fired

Should you fire the person responsible for your company’s very public failure?

That’s the question I explore in my latest article for Smartblog on Leadership. Earlier this week, I wrote about a very public PR failure: the NYPD foray into Twitter. Says Smartblog on Leadership of my article: “When organizations make mistakes in the public eye, there’s a temptation to handle the crisis by firing the person responsible, writes Jennifer Miller. Leaders should have the courage to use failures, even public and painful ones, as learning opportunities and as a way of communicating the company’s tolerance for risk.”

You can read the whole article, “Leading from a Place of Courage”, here.

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Jon Stallings May 15, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Great article Jennifer. A culture that fails to allow margin for failure is one that will fail to be innovative. It is so easy to blame someone when something goes wrong instead of addressing the real issues and leading forward (Politics is a great example)

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