3 Ideas for Filling Your Leadership Pipeline

August 13, 2015

An estimated 85% of companies have some sort of formal or informal leadership development process. Yet, a “process” is not enough to ensure that your company has enough experienced leaders to fill your company’s leadership pipeline. I interviewed experts and researched the best practices for developing “high potential” talent – those up-and-coming managers who will someday lead your organization. My insights […]

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Leadership Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

August 3, 2015

Are you crystal-clear on your purpose? Jon Mertz is. His purpose is to guide, challenge and inspire people of the Millennial generation to fully realize their leadership potential. Mertz realized this purpose in an unlikely place: a grove of Aspen trees while he was snow-shoeing in the American Rocky Mountain range. At the time of […]

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A New Book for a New Generation: The New One Minute Manager®

May 4, 2015

Note from Jennifer: I’m honored to host this guest post from Ken Blanchard, business consultant and international best-selling author. Ken and his co-author Spencer Johnson have updated their classic management book “The One Minute Manager.” Here is Ken’s outline of the new book and why it’s as relevant as ever. Guest Post by Ken Blanchard On […]

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Tips for Employee Relocation, Training Conferences and Coaching

December 1, 2014

My November articles for the HR Answers page cover the issues of successful employee relocation, conference opportunities for people in the learning and development field and how to recognize employees’ natural “intelligences” when you coach them. I met a woman who specializes in “acculturation”—which is helping people who have recently moved to a new town […]

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29 Essays on How to Develop Leaders

October 7, 2014

Mary Ila Ward of Horizon Point Consulting is the host of this month’s Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival, which was started by Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog, takes an occasional road trip. This month, it’s at Mary’s blog “The Point Blog.” Twenty nine leadership bloggers  contributed to the carnival with thoughts on: –  Managing the […]

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How to Foster a Coaching Culture in Your Company

June 2, 2014

Does your organization foster a culture of coaching? If not, it could be lagging in market performance, according to the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). Research from their report Creating a Coaching Culture indicates that companies with a strong organizational focus on coaching outperform their industry competitors. There are additional benefits as well. According to […]

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@weaveinfluence Hosts May 2014 Leadership Development Carnival

May 6, 2014

I first met Becky Robinson when she was writing the blog “Leader Talk” for a university. She has since moved on and now owns Weaving Influence, but she still hangs with the leadership development crowd. This month, Becky hosts the May Leadership Development Carnival (which occasionally ventures out and about from its normal home at Dan […]

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4-Part Series on Effective Management Coaching

December 11, 2013

For the month of November, I tried something new with my HR page – I wrote a series of articles that elaborated on an existing article in the Answers library called Essential Management Coaching Skills for the Best Results. The result is a series of articles on four key attributes of coaching: communication, relationship […]

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10 Articles on Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Presentations

November 4, 2013

Here are the articles I wrote for my HR page this month. When I start the month, I don’t necessarily have a theme in mind, but often one emerges. This month’s theme tended towards “development” – via coaching, mentoring, tips for making effective presentations and, drawing on my corporate trainer roots, a trainer’s checklist. […]

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Writing for as HR Expert

September 12, 2013

HR This week marks the beginning of an exciting new phase in my writing career. I’m pleased to announce that I will be a columnist for in their Expert Articles forum. Each month, I’ll contribute articles in the Human Resources category, writing about topics such as: – Administrative Systems – Attire – Career and […]

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