TEDx Grand Rapids – Food for Thought

by Jennifer Miller on May 15, 2012

in Personal Effectiveness

I attended my second TEDx Grand Rapids event last Thursday.  The theme this year was “What Now?” and it came alive in such unexpected ways. From innovations in technology and materials, to finding peace in an act of terrorism, each speaker was able to knit “what now?” into his or her presentation. It’s a very thought-provoking question. Every presentation made me ponder “what now?” in a new way.

By the end of the conference, this is where I landed: the presenters were encouraging us to make a difference—in whatever way matters to us. Every day, we should be asking, “What now?” as a way to move forward in an ever-progressing series of small acts to make our world a better place.

Here are some thought-provoking quotes from the TEDx Grand Rapids presenters for you to consider as you ponder your own personal “What now?”

Dr. Kristin Tolle, a researcher who works with “the most brilliant minds in the world” to connect them to the most pressing issues around the globe:

“Language is a living thing . . .it changes over time.”

Bill Sabram, professional game designer, on the importance of being able to fail in a safe environment:

“Games let us lose without feeling like a loser. And they let us fail without feeling like a failure.”

Linda Ragsdale, artist and Peace Master, on people who say with resignation, “That’s just the way it is.”:

“No, that’s the way we’ve allowed it to be.”

LZ Granderson, sports columnist, on the injustice of labeling people:

“Why is what people are so much more significant than who they are?”

And finally, from Linda Chorney, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who says of TEDx events:

“Its’ not a ‘cha-ching!’ thing, it’s an ‘aha!’ thing.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Linda! Those are my “aha’s”.

Questions for you:

If you’ve been to a TED event, what moments of clarity have you experienced?

Have you considered “What now?” If so, what have you concluded?


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Jennifer Miller May 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm


Hi, it’s nice to connect via my blog! I hope to be at TEDx GR next year; we’ll see what the application process looks like 🙂

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