Why Leaders Must Go Beyond Strategy to Grow Their Business

by Jennifer Miller on March 11, 2015

in Leadership

leaaders grow their business croppedResearch indicates that once a company grows beyond the entrepreneurial phase, new leadership traits are needed to continue along the growth curve. Most senior executives in mid-size organizations have a solid handle on strategy and how to go to market, but they often lack vital people skills to build their growing workforce.

If you are a mid-level or senior manager leading in a rapidly growing business, you’ll want to check out my latest article on TINYhr’s Employee Engagement & Company blog. It’s called 4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Management Style for Business Growth  and in it you’ll find:

·         Tips for figuring out your management style

·         The one thing you must do when hiring for a top-notch team

·         How your biggest strength is holding you back

·         The surprising trait that your professional wingman should possess

If you enjoyed the article, give it some social love and let me know what else you’d like to learn about leading mid-sized organizations.


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