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by Jennifer Miller on July 19, 2011

in Leadership

If you read The People Equation with any regularity, you know that this blog is about helping leaders and organizations “master the people equation”. And, although this isn’t really a commercial site, today, I’m bending the rules a bit to share with you an offer that might be of interest to you. . .one that will definitely help you become even more workplace savvy than you already are.

If you’re in a leadership role (either with a formal title, or as a project leader) then read on. . .

I just finished reading a book called The 8 Dimensions of Leadership. It’s a book co-authored by members of the management and research teams at Inscape Publishing. This book uses the time-tested concept of the DiSC® behavioral model with brand-new leadership competency research conducted by Inscape.

Why should you care?

Because leadership is difficult.

You already know this, right? And I bet you’re looking for ways to improve your leadership abilities, in any way you can. If so, this book will put you on the path to learning more about your unique leadership preferences and how you must stretch beyond those natural preferences if you’re going to fulfill your leadership potential.

That’s right, it’s not enough to just “play to your strengths”; you also need to know how to access less-than-comfortable leadership styles as well. The 8 Dimensions of Leadership book can help you get there.

So, here’s my deal for you: if you buy the book through my company website, skillsourcewmi.com, I’ll give you a couple of freebies:

A free 8 Dimensions Leadership Map, a customized, one-page map that tells you your primary leadership dimension, and two dimensions that you may need to work on. The Map will point you to specific chapters in the book for deeper interpretation of your leadership style.

A free Everything DiSC® Management Interaction Guide, which is a pocket-sized road map with specific tips for interacting with employees.


This offer is good until August 5, 2011 and is available only to the readers of The People Equation. It’s on a hidden part of my website, but you can access your 8 Dimensions of Leadership Book Offer here.

So, if you’re interested, check it out. Would love to hear what you think about the book!


Disclosure: My workforce development consulting company SkillSource of West Michigan, Inc. is an independent, authorized distributor of Inscape Publishing professional development assessments, including the DiSC® Classic personality profile.

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