Book Review: Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham

by Jennifer Miller on October 5, 2009

in Book Review, Personal Effectiveness

Buckingham_StrongLife_Book_88_coverMarcus Buckingham wants to teach women how to live a “strong” life.  He says a strong life is one in which you are able to discern the activities which energize you, catch those moments and cradle them so that you feel fulfilled—personally and professionally. That’s a pretty tall order, especially when coming from a man. The irony of his gender aside, Buckingham does a thorough job of exploring the topic and providing helpful suggestions.

Whereas Buckingham’s previous books have explored strengths in a business setting, this book focuses on the nine Life Roles he says women were “born to play”. Readers can log in to his website and take a nifty (free) Strong Life Test to determine their primary and secondary Life Roles.  Buckingham then uses these Life Roles as a backdrop for helping the reader determine where she finds energy, what drains her and how to align this information to create a strong life.

This book was written for women who are struggling in some way. Readers who are feeling drained by the demands of their life or simply don’t think they’re contributing in a meaningful way will enjoy the specific suggestions and framework that Buckingham provides.

I reviewed this book as a member of Thomas Nelson Publishers Book Review Blogger program. (Disclosure: I received a free book in exchange for this review.)

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