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by Jennifer Miller on February 25, 2013

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What female role models have influenced your leadership?

What female role models have influenced your leadership?

When I wrote the post 37 Women with Interesting Things to Say About Leadership, I knew there would be many women within my network that I overlooked. Thankfully, my community helped out and offered these examples of women who offer leadership resources and commentary – via their blogs, their social media presence and their daily leadership actions in the workplace.


Ada Luz Gonzalez

Alli Polin  

B J Gallagher

Brene Brown

Cali Yost

Chris Vanderzyden

Deb Mills-Scofield

Eileen McDargh

Heidi Grant Halvorson

Jennifer Olney

Gina Abudi

Kathy Caprino

Laura Goodrich

Marcia Reynolds

Mari Smith

Meagen Mackerer

Meridith Bell

Phyllis Mufson

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Sarah Warren

Tabby Biddle

Tanvi Gautam

Wendy Palmer

I also want to give a shout-out to the men who contributed with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter commentary.  Thank you!

Charles Clayton

Dany DeGrave

Deke Bridges

Frederic Page

Joe Gerstandt

Jon Mertz

Olivier Oschmouker

Paul McConaughy

Scott Mabry

Victorio Milian

Of course, this list could go on endlessly; there is no way I could possibly capture all of the great content that women are creating about leadership. So I’ll stop (for now).

agriculture. plant in a hand

I am, however, hopeful that when I re-post this from time to time, people will continue to add to the list, thereby making it evergreen.

 So, whether you’re reading this list on its original publication date or months into the future, please add your voice to the conversation – what women would you like to offer as examples of contributing positively to the world of leadership?

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